5 Awesome Tools to Help You Manage Your Business

There are so many different tools being marketed today, all claiming to be the ‘next best thing’, or ‘must have’ its become dizzying! As entrepreneurs, business owners and consultants, being constantly barraged with the newest shiny-tool is enough to make us pull our hair out! (if I had hair I would pull it out)

Anyway, I thought that I would take the time and share a couple of the products that I have been using in my businesses, that have helped tremendously by saving time and streamlining processes- all while giving clients a seamless experience.

1. RevSocialMedia:  revsocialmedia_screenshotThis social media management software allows me to manage, curate content and schedule posting to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms with ease. You also have the ability to monitor reviews from Yelp and other sites for your clients- all from the dashboard. The interface is extremely easy to use, and I have not experience a single glitch since I started using it. The only negative is that the platform does not yet allow automatic posts to Instagram.

2. BLAB (Book Like A Boss):  BLAB_screenshotThis new software has been a life saver! BLAB is a personal booking page creator which allows your clients/customer to schedule on your calendar. You can also sell products, provide downloads and integrate to many other programs. With the integration to PayPal you can also accept                                                     payments from your clients!

3. Canva: the best and totally free tool for designing graphics for social media, blogs, websites, advertisements, etc.  canva_screenshotEasy to use and intuitive. Without any graphic sills you can create beautiful graphics for your marketing. Free app with some paid extensions


4. Slack:  a great tool for communication inside the team. It helps organize the threads, share files, pictures, discuss projects and ideas. Many features and integrations make this tool a real communication center in our company.

5. 17Hats:    17Hats_screenshotThis is a pretty new tool that combines many of the apps you are likely using into a single interface.  The creators say it is built a business of one- think invoicing, contracts and client management.


Regardless of the tool or software that you choose to use, just make sure that it implements well with your business strategy and goals.  Do you have some tools or software that you would recommend?

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