New Year’s Eve Resolutions are Slowing Down Your Business Growth

Seize the day.

As we near the end of 2017, many of us will take the time to not only reflect on the successes and failures of the year- we will also plan to to ‘Make next year our year’.

I say BAH HUMBUG! to that.

Listen.  Im all for reflection and improving from past missteps…BUT… that is not what many of us are doing.  Instead we are using the New Year as an excuse to procrastinate from what we should be doing right now- to grow and improve our businesses.

Why wait until the ball drops and the champagne-corks pop, to start what you should start right now…today?

For the last 10+ years, I have been fortunate with the opportunity to help many small business owners and entrepreneurs start, grow and scale their businesses.  Im sharing with you the same thing, I have shared and will continue to preach to all of them…..

‘Don’t wait until tomorrow, to do what can be done today. Get on it. ‘

Waiting for the ‘New Year’ to kick off the ‘new you’ or the ‘new business idea’ is only an excuse- and it’s slowing down your growth.

Please don’t misconstrue what I am saying.  It’s fantastic if you have a goal or resolution for the New Year. I applaud you 100%.  But now what?

Do you have a plan? How about clear measurable steps to how you are going to get from where you are today, to where you want to be tomorrow (or next year…haha)?

The Problem:  A Goal with No Plan is Just a Wish.

The following are a few of the resolutions/goals that people have shared with me in the last couple of months, during my consulting calls

“I want to double my sales…”

“I’m going to double my followers on social media…”

“I’m going to start writing a blog for my website…”

“I’m going to get better online presence for my business this year!”

My response: ‘That’s a great resolution!  Now, do you have a plan or clear steps on how you will achieve this?’  It’s at this time that many take pause, and have the proverbial ‘aha!’ moment.

You see anyone can have a goal, but the key to achieving that goal is to have a plan on how you can achieve it.  Without that plan…..well….. you may as well wait for a shooting star and make a wish.

The Game Plan

So folks let me wrap this up, as I most certainly don’t want to come across as ‘that guy’, you know the guy that just identifies the challenges, but rarely has a suggestions for solving.   This is what I do.  I help business owners and entrepreneurs go from frustration to joy, from struggling to thriving, from a trickle of customers to a constant flow- by helping them ‘make it real’.

The Game Plan© is a simple worksheet that I created to help individuals just like you that will enable you to crystal-clear on what you should be doing TODAY to grow your business.  It starts with a 3-year vision for your life and business and then ‘reverse engineers’ the specific goals, strategies and actions required to get there.

If you have a New Year’s resolution for your business, or your setting goals but aren’t sure of the steps you need to hit them then The Game Plan© is for you.  And because its the Holidays, and Im really not a Grinch….. Im going to give it to you for FREE.

No ‘Salesy’ stuff, no hard core selling.  I want to help you succeed and grow….and NOT push off things you should be doing today, to grow your business tomorrow.

Grab your copy of The Game Plan© 

The Game Plan Picture
The Game Plan is the first step to getting crystal clear in knowing what you should be doing today in your business


What are you business goals for 2018? I’d love to hear about them.  Maybe you just want to chat?  Please go ahead and grab 30-minutes on my calendar….I guarantee you will walk away from our call, with something you can implement TODAY to drive your business.  Schedule a 1-on1 Right Here.





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