This is The Main Reason Your Marketing isn’t working

Ever hear the saying, ‘When you market to everyone, you appeal to no one” ?

This is probably one of the most important and foundational  lessons in business.  When you reach too far and try to help everyone, your message gets diluted so much, that no one will benefit.

You have to target and dial in to your ideal customer.

When you target and dial into your ideal customer, amazing things will happen for your business because now- instead of the proverbial ‘spray and pray’ marketing methodology, you will now be able to send relevant content and messaging to people most likely to respond.  And by respond, I mean purchase….that is the goal, isn’t it?

There’s more.

Having a well-defined target of your ideal customer does more than tell you who you should be trying to sell to, it will also tell you who you should NOT be selling to.  So now instead of wasting money on   audience that will never ‘eat what you’re cookin’, you are now putting messaging in front of potential customers who are hungry for what you have.

How do you find your ideal Customer?

First you need to define who your ideal customer is.  Fill out an avatar with a name and all the relevant information.  Be as detailed as possible and not vague.

Include points such as: income range, demographic information, likes, dislikes, hopes, dreams, fear, desires, what they read and watch….the list goes on.  (I think you get the drift)

Here is a brief example of a customer avatar that would be an ideal client to work with me and my team:

Basic Demographics

  • Name: Robert.
  • Wealth level: Middle Class, blue or white collar.
  • Income level: + $100,000 (depending on where they live.)
  • Savings level: > $10,000.
  • Willingness to invest in their business: >= $2,000.
  • Home value: > $200,000 (or renting a nice place).


  • Determined.
  • Able to focus.
  • Decisive.
  • Non-complaining.



  • Wasting a good idea.
  • Wasting money on technology.
  • Getting beaten to the punch.
  • Not knowing how to get their product built.


  • Starting a new business.
  • Working from the beach.
  • Selling a company for a ton of money.
  • Traveling the world on a yacht.
  • Working from home without a boss.


  • Bachelor’s degree, no college or a two-ayear degree.
  • Trade school or apprenticeship.

Add in what they read, what they watch and more personal details of that nature, and you have an amazingly detailed and targeted avatar to work with. You’ve found your ideal customer.

This will help you target them in ads, write copy that connects with them that they love using.  It will help you figure out what value you can to deliver and determine a pricing structure that makes sense. It gives your ideal user a solution that helps them solve a major problem that they couldn’t solve on their own.

The more detailed your avatar, the better you’ll understand why your ideal customer wants to use your product or service, how to reach them, how to make them happy and how to get them to buy.  

At the bottom of this post is little ‘gift’ from me to you, so go ahead and grab the exact avatar worksheet that I use in my businesses.  

Click this photo to get immediate access to the same Customer Avatar worksheet I use in my businesses, to target and dial in!
I hope that it is as helpful for you as it has been for me. 
 Drop me a message if you have any questions, along the way!  I love to listen, share and help. 

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