3 Types of Emails Your Business Must Have

Email marketing is still powerful…if you use it the right way.  Here are 3 types of emails that will help your business to establish great relationships with clients, customers, and prospects.


Welcome Message

Don’t neglect the opportunity to send greeting once the user shared his contacts for the first time. Explain what advantages he’s got and that you are always happy to assist. A friendly greeting is the first step to your big friendship.


Coupons & Deals

Sounds too obvious? But it is still effective. Send coupons of special offers to your audience limited in time (preferably with the countdown) and you’ll see how your sales will splash.



Are must-haves for your business once the user submitted an order, left request, or subscribed to your news.  But instead of boring system emails, you should give them a human-touch and make them more personable. Try adding some humor 🙂


Email-marketing activities take a lot of resources and automation is crucial if you want to scale your business.   

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