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Hey there! First of all I am thrilled that you have found my blog! I mean…high-fives all around!

So who am I?

Father. Husband. Ex-college bball star with small stint in the pro ranks (should’ve worked on my jumper)….In all seriousness, I am a digital marketer and business builder with over 15 years experience helping businesses and entrepreneurs grow!  I love what I do, and hope it shows!

You won’t get some BS story from this guy….I’ve seen the mountain tops of success and have also fought tooth and nail to keep afloat.  I know what works to help businesses thrive, and more importantly – I know what doesn’t work.

Im always open for a good chat. In fact, if you would like to grab 30-min on my calendar to talk about how to grow your business- go ahead and click the following link:

Book FREE 30-Min Strategy Consult With William

https://bookme.name/js/booklikeaboss.embed.js?i=409&h=asBXFXbhLKeKGWHOfAGaX9RKXakjxonm43cO9E8jxMwFmkGEKcf0AkNeoB3A copy

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